Do you have an idea ?  We can create any designs digitally and a high-resolution 3D printer to produce the 3D printed patterns that can then be cast.

We offer you the ability to customize a unique design, weather is a engagement ring or a unique piece of art.

​​​Unique Designs by using 3D Printing

Bring your own designs to live or let us help you design according to your needs. We custom made in gold, silver and platinum and work with all kinds of gemstones.

We provide Jewelry and Watch Repair Services on site. Our jewelry shop allows us to repair, remake, reset, and generally fix anything wrong with almost any piece of jewelry without  ever leaving our store.You can rest assured in the knowledge that the same master jeweler that creates a custom work of art is the very same jeweler that will repair your valuable piece, engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry. Add to that the comfort of knowing that your jewelry will be secure in our vault and not shipped anywhere to be fixed by a person you have never met. If you prefer, you can wait in our premises and see how we do it. We are one of the best-kept secret in South Florida! 

We are not a regular gold buyer business and that is why we will pay you the highest value according to the gold market. We are a jewelry repair shop so we will use the gold and silver material for our own repairs or custom jewelry designs.

Get cash for your jewelry 

Add a personal touch. Personalize your jewelry with a name, initials, a memorable date or a heartfelt message for a loved one.


​​​Custom Made Jewelry

​​Jewelry and Watch Repairs

Same day Service 


V&V  Jewelry

Specialized Jewelry Repairs and Custom Made Jewelry

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