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​​​​Jewelry Repair by Mail

Ship your jewelry only if you accept our quote

V&V Jewelry is proud to offer to its customers a unique online jewelry repair service. We will do jewelry repair by mail anywhere in the United States. We will provide you with a free estimate based on form where you will provide information, pictures and a description of the service you want. We will guide you on all information needed to provide you with the most accurate estimate.  Save time and fuel cost. We use high quality materials and take good care in repairing your precious jewelry. We can also make any custom jewelry or transform your old jewelry into a new piece you desire. For repairs you only need to send us your jewelry when you have accepted our quote. Our master jeweler has more than 35 years in business and we know our quote will be accurate.  We differentiate from our competitors as we don’t need your jewelry to be shipped to us to provide you with a quote.